Tuesday morning

Good morning all and it is a glorious morning the sun is shining and the temperature is perfect.  In my absence the flowering cherry has burst forth and the garden is looking much more as it should. The roses I put in last year have made some growth and need to be tied into the trellis and will eventually make a wall of colour in salmon pink.  Of course they are not yet in flower the first to make flowers is the canary bird rose which hangs over the pond.  Speaking of the pond today I am going to have to do my most hated job and clean the pond pumps which are clogged up with crud and it will soon be time to start feeding the fish.  My week away has allowed me to see things anew almost like when you clean your glasses and suddenly you can see properly.

It is interesting how the hour change closely followed by another hour change for the continent and then back again has scrambled my brains I have no idea what the time is or even what day it is. Thank goodness I write this garbage or I really would lose track of time completely.  I'm sure if the medicos were to ask me the standard questions to see if I am lucid I would fail and be classified as disorientated in time.  When I was younger I didn't understand that at this time of your life it doesn't matter so why pay attention to it.  I haven't quite got to the stage of not knowing who the prime minister is but it wont be long as I don't really give a toss about that either.  The things that matter to me are, is there any milk and do we need toilet paper and what are we going to have for lunch.  I guess your world just shrinks down to the necessary and essentials.  I'm sure if Trump starts a war someone will tell me and it doesnt matter who is in power the middle income bracket always get screwed, one lot give it the rich the others give it to the poor and both squander shed loads and there will always be those who fall through the cracks because nothing is ever perfect.

Sorry this has taken so long to get published but my surrogate daughter needed to check on me so we have been nattering on the phone for ages.  Now I really need to get my backside in gear and start doing something productive.  I will bid you farewell until tomorrow have a great day and enjoy this perfect weather.
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