Thursday morning

Good morning all very late this morning the night from hell is over.  I am sleeping in very short bursts at the moment which is not good but I am not getting up very early I am going back to sleep and persevering.  Nails are done and painted blood red this time.  I have gone for a dark red with a considerable amount of blue in it as I tend to wear a lot of navy so it goes nicely.  I must say I do enjoy the pampering of having my nails done.  On the way home I knew I needed diesel and some baked beans so I stopped at a garage and got completely distracted as there were two approximately 10year old girls who had decided to ride their horses through the Mcdonald's drive through.  The horses were kicking up merry hell as presumably they didn't want a burger and were not enjoying being jammed in a traffic queue.  I don't think the girls realised just what trouble they could get into if one of the horses had kicked out the front of someones car.  The sensible thing would have been to tie them up and go in a buy a burger.  Anyway I came out having got diesel and sausages no beans so I had to stop again and buy the beans.  Talk about a head like a sieve!!!! I had two items to remember and managed to forget one of them.

It was freezing cold here and we even had a flurry of snow at lunch time.  Today looks much the same with brilliant sunshine and no heavy clouds but still very cold.  Denzil had just returned from taking the dogs for a nice run and has managed to avoid our usual walking place which has been invaded by gypsies.  Which explains the girls on ponies in Macdonalds. The last time they were there a dog walker got beaten up so it is now a no go area until they get moved on.  Sadly we have a lot of problems with them in this area.  They managed to make such a mess of the local bowls club that the toilet block had to be demolished as it was beyond repair.  I have no problem living the life they want but why do they have to do so much damage.  

Anyway enough of that the boys have got a huge pizza for lunch so I am going to have some boiled eggs and asparagus, poor me aren't I hard done by.  As for supper I have no idea.  The car I hope is being booked in for the brake pads so hopefully that will happen soon.  I have handed over responsibility to for the car to James he drives it the most so he might as well keep it serviced etc.  I need to off load some of the weight to the boys but they are so used to me keeping track of life it is going to come as a bit of a shock.  On that happy note I will love you and leave you and hope you have a good day.

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