Thursday Morning

Good morning all it is dull outside this morning and still freezing cold isn't it time we had a bit of wind from the sahara to warm us up a bit?

I got all my chores done yesterday including planting out some basil ready for all the tomato salads we will be eating once the weather warms up a bit.  At the moment it feels much more like stew weather than salad.  Sadly I will be back from abroad for the general election and I have no idea what or who to vote for.  Which bunch of liars do I go for and does it actually matter? At the moment I feel like just staying out of it.  I am finding it really hard to come to grips with details and really can't be bothered to investigate enough to have a real handle on what is going on.  The only thing that is for certain is I wont be voting in the twerp we currently have.  Is this just my age speaking - I have lived under numerous governments and none of them have actually done what they said they would so what now?  Each one spends their time explaining that it is the previous governments mess that stops them doing what they would like and in the end I think the civil service run the country.  Do you remember "yes minister"?  it might have been a comedy but I think it is dangerously near the truth.

I went next door to discuss the pond issue but there was no one at home so that too is still in the wind. I have caught up on a few appointment which needed making so dentist on tuesday and nails on wednesday.  Today I am having lunch out with Sandy which will be nice but as yet we have not decided on where to go. We will probably go to one of the many pubs which do food - it is certainly not a day for sitting outside it is much too cold.  The laundry basket is full as usual so I think I will get a load on early and stick it on the line and hope for the best.  It doesn't look like rain but who knows.

Incidentally it is now 6 months since Mike died and not a word from any of his family which I think proves my point that none of them ever gave a toss about us, so nothing lost there. I'm glad I gave them the excuse to bin us completely. It was me that kept communication going over the last 35 years. You guys have shown yourselves to be better friends even though I could pass you on the street and not know who you are.

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