Thursday morning

Good morning all today looks like it is going to be a good one the skys are clear and the sun it doing its best.  Yesterday saw Dan off to have his hair done and a splendid job they have done.  He looks and smells delicious of course Tubby wasn't going to be left out of the photographic session.



He does look a bit strange to me now he is minus his beard moustache and eyebrows and I don't think he would win any prizes in the show ring but now that swimming season is in full swing it is much easier to handle his coat.

I had a lovely morning I went to visit my japanese friend who is having trouble with the foxes and her vegetable patch.  Sadly the obvious answer of 'silent roar' which is lion dung is not for her as she has a cattery and her charges would be very upset.  So instead she force fed me the most wonderful dark belgian chocolates to have with my cappuccino coffee.  Now you understand I only ate them out of politeness!!!!!  however that took care of lunch.  Then I really pushed the boat out for supper and made some egg and tomato baguettes.  Another three loads of laundry including my duvet were process but sadly I found no money this time.  The pond pumps once again went to the bottom of the to do list.  Why am I so stupid? I know that I will have to do them, there are no fairies who are going to come and relieve me of the job so why don't I just get on with it?  I must admit I have been feeling very tired after the long gap my sister and I had much catching up to do and consequently we chatted until 3am on two nights and the third night we didn't get to bed at all so I am very sleep deprived and my internal clock is totally broken.  I think it is going to take me a while to readjust I could do stupid things like this when I was young but now that I am an old crock it is a different matter.

I really need a kick in the backside to get on and do the pumps I am already planning to occupy myself with the ironing and the shopping which has also been pushed down the list.  Come on friends berate me, bully me, kick me into touch, anything to get me going!!!!  It will only take me about an hour and there are 24 each day surely I can spare one.  I will just have to invite Shiona over she will bully me into doing them she doesn't take no for an answer.

Next dilemma do I shower before I get covered in pond sludge or after.  I guess after as the fish won't mind that I smell like kebab, but all my clothes are clean Oh bum!!!!!

Have a good one all, come on Joy it is time for "could do better and see me after class"!!!!

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