Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday saw everything put back to its default position.  The Poop is fixed and now I must replace the water that was lost but at least the pumps are all running well.  The car has new brake pads so that is a happy bunny. The coffee machine demanded a descale and clean so that has been done, the over flowing bins have been emptied and the garden cleared of dogs little messages.  Lots of little jobs got done that have been hanging around and I must say I feel much happier once these things are taken care of.  It is a nice feeling to clear the decks of those niggling little jobs that inhabit the back of your mind.  James and I split the jobs between us which halved the work.  Anyone who has not been following this saga will be thrown by the poop comments.  

I had a lovely chat with my friends in France and found that she has had a really bad time with her health since the winter and now has a black and blue face following some dental work.  On the positive side she has lost lots of weight so plenty of room for some foie gras.  I had such a lovely time with them in Bordeaux last year it was just what I needed.  They live in a particularly lovely area so this summer they are being invaded by hoards of family which will keep them out of mischief.

I also had a nice catch up with my friends in Bristol who are permanently on the move and about to go out to Spain for a while having just returned from the peak district.  They are very fond of travel and have been just about everywhere.  This of course makes them really interesting to talk to.  Let's hope I have some good things to talk about when I come back from my trip with Sandy.  It will be nice to have a break from the mundane day to day life here.  

Today the weather looks very overcast not a glimmer of sunshine just thick clouds and it is still very cold and in single figures.  The east of this country might be less wet but it is also prone to cold winds which are not much fun.  

I had a day of abstinence following my faux pas with the victoria sponge and stuck to just toast and lots to drink.  I must admit that the sugar overdose left me feeling pretty rough. You would have thought I would have learned by now not to do things like that but I still fall into the trap regularly.  

My coffee supplies are at rock bottom so I am debating whether to go to Faversham and restock today but first I will have to check what is due to be delivered in my vegetable box on Tuesday.  I don't want to double up on things unnecessarily.  
  • Onions 
  • Bunched carrots 
  • Flat beans 
  • True spinach 
  • Asparagus 
  • Courgettes 
  • Chestnut mushrooms 
  • Cherry vine tomatoes 

A nice selection of stuff is due so I will not need to supplement it too much and can have a look in the butchery department for some tasty bits and pieces to go with the veg and also restock the fruit bowl. They also have a wonderful selection of sourdough breads which are freshly baked on the premises.  I really ought to get back to bread making much better for me than cake!!!!!

Well on that happy note I will love you and leave you to what I hope is peaceful Sunday and a nice bank holiday weekend.

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