Sunday morning

Good morning and happy Saint George's day.  I only know it is our national saints day because google told me so.  I always think it is strange that it is not a day of celebration like St Patrick's day. Are there any traditional foods associate with today?  None that I know of, there is no st georges cake or pudding to my knowledge, no parties or get togethers it is just another day.  It is not even a bank holiday.  We must be one of the very few nations not to celebrate our national day.  Is it just our typical understated attitude? Perhaps we should start something!!!  Suggestions for a celebratory feast how about: - roast beef and yorkshire pudding followed by rhubarb crumble and custard you can't get more English than that.  We could celebrate our island nation with fish and chips and mushy peas.
Any ideas? No I am not taking up morris dancing!!!!

That said it is a pretty dull day here still very chilly in single figures.  We had a splash of rain yesterday but nowhere near enough to do any real good.  

Canary bird

This is always the first of the roses to make an appearance and it has long arching stems which in my case lean over the pond.  It is such a simple flower rather like a wild rose except in yellow and for me it is always a signal that summer is coming.  Once the roses start that is the start of the summer glory in the garden.  The blossom from the trees has died back but now the lilacs are  in full bloom.  I have two one a purple colour and one a deep pink both of which are being kept shrub size rather than being allowed to grow into trees.  How very dull life would be without our seasonal changes.  We all moan about the rain and wind snow and ice but actually I would not want to live anywhere else.  It is nice to remember sometimes just how nice a place England is.  Perhaps that is why so many want to come and live here.  I love Italy but the bureaucracy is quite beyond the pale.  Chatting to my sister I can see some of the pitfalls of emigrating to another country where you are unfamiliar with their legal system etc.  Just getting the electricity cut off from her house which has been condemned is proving a real trial and she is still being charged for a supply she cannot use.  No doubt it will all come right in the end but by then you have lost the will to live!!!!! 
Anyway have a good day all summer is coming but don't hold your breath!!!!

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