Sunday morning

Good morning all well yesterday started out looking very miserable but soon brightened up we are however forecast rain for the next couple of days.  It matters not for me but I do feel sorry for those who have just got a little time off work.  My garden is a dry as a biscuit so a little rain will be most welcome.

Now this should give you all a good laugh after all the fuss I made over doing the pond pumps the guy who offered to take the large fish for his koi pond came to collect and stirred up the pond and buggered up the pumps and filters leaving the water looking like brown windsor soup. He managed to catch all koi but one of the orf escaped him so I hope he is going to come back and finish the job because at the moment it is a complete mess.  I still have millions of goldfish who breed like it was going out of fashion but without the big fish it should be easier to keep the water clean.  Anyway when I saw what he had done I had two choices sit down and cry or laugh - I chose to laugh.

Sadly the garden is a no go area as I cannot set foot outside without next doors dogs going mad and barking.  This has the knock on effect that my dogs soon appear to see what all the fuss is about which then increases the barking to fever pitch and finally my dogs return the favour.  Well I really don't want my dogs barking like idiots so we just have to go back inside.  It is not the dogs fault they are abandoned in the garden both day and night and when the neighbours go on holiday and they see no one except at feeding time after which they howl the walls down.  Several times I have rushed out to see what is occurring  as it sound like the noise a dog makes when they have trapped a paw or done themselves some injury then I realise it is just abject desperation at being left again.  People up and down the road think it might be my dogs who raise merry hell at 4am and I have to explain that it is not my dogs who are sound asleep indoors at night and neither of them bark unless provoked.  Dan only ever barks when there is someone at the front door which I appreciate as I seldom hear the door bell.  I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep my trap shut but I really don't want to start a neighbour war.  I used to do some training in the garden but that has had to stop so it is really cramping my style.  I did suggest when they first moved in that we introduce the dogs so they got to know one another but that fell on deaf ears.  Do I sound like "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells"?

Denzil is off work today so the large leg of lamb will be worth roasting as there should be three of us and once roasted I can then have meals for whoever when ever.  I usually roast lamb with rosemary and garlic but this time I am just going to salt a pepper it and roast au naturale and let the quality of the meat speak for itself.  I really should have got it out of the fridge last night to come up to room temperature so that is my first job this morning a bit late but better late than never.  To go with it I will do roast potatoes, carrots and peas and follow it with strawberries and cream.  Very simple but hopefully delicious.  In my experience good quality ingredients need very little messing around with and are best cooked simply.  

Ok that my lot for this morning time to scan the headlines and see if Trump has succeeded in starting world war three.
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