Sunday morning

Good morning all and yes it is a Sun day at last we have emerged from our grey blanket of cloud.  I think I am all ready to go all the purchases have been made, now all I have to do is fit them into the cabin bag.  I have asked James to take me up to Stansted after lunch even though I don't fly out until 6pm I will be happier pacing the floor in the airport rather than wearing out my carpet at home.  I am the worlds worst person when it comes to waiting I have not one jot of patience.  I have all the patience to do fiddly little jobs or intricate crochet etc but when it come to waiting for people to arrive or waiting to go somewhere I am like a cat on a hot tin roof.  Hence I prefer to drive where I have control of the situation.  Does this make me a control freak?

I think I may have insulted my new relative but stating I thought his boat was probably 28-30 foot he very quickly put me right it is 51 foot.  Not being a boat person I had no idea so I hope I am forgiven for my faux pas.  I know they take size very seriously!!!!  Anyway, it will be nice to have a point of contact while I am in Trieste with Sandy.  I have also had an offer to take us to Lipica to visit the horse farm where they breed the horses for the spanish riding school.  The foals are born black and eventually turn white as they mature.  The photo is of me and my sister with one of the stallions long before it was open to the public.  1961 to be precise.  Now they have guided tours and a show of what the horses can do which is well worth a visit.

My mind is elsewhere so lunch and dinner today is going to be very hit and miss - Denzil is out at work so it will be just James and I so I think it might be egg on toast!!! or if I decide to push the boat out beans on toast!!!  I think I may have a dry run to see just how much I can get in my bag.  Anyway time to close I am going to try and speak with Carol on face time and make sure all is well at her end. Have a lovely day and I hope you too have the sun shine.

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