Saturday morning

Good morning all, it is only just light and I have been awake since 3am. What a pain! thank goodness I don't have to go to work as I will be a dead duck by lunch time.  It is cold still and we are still in the Siberian grip.  Oh how I look forward to the day I can fling the door open and enjoy the early morning suns warmth.  But that is the joy of the seasons always looking forward to the next bit.  

Joy you don't know what you have done with your typo, the pond is now called the poop which suits it so much better.  Today the man is due to come and mend his trashing of the poop so let's hope he does a decent job of it.  The car is going in for its brake pads so everything should be up and running again by tomorrow.  I'm not quite sure what happened to me yesterday but I suddenly wanted to make a victoria sponge.  Why, I don't like baking and don't like eating the finished product.  I did have a slice and found it too sweet and very eggy, yuk.  What possessed me!!!!  Perhaps it was just to see if I could still do it, I really don't know.  Anyway, the boys are making short work of it so it is not going to waste but I think it might be another ten years before I do it again.  It did horrify me when I saw the amount of fat a sugar going into the mix.

Denzil is working the bank holiday so we will have the nice piece of beef for Tuesday when he will be at home and we'll see if I can still make a decent yorkshire pudding.  It is ages since we had a beef joint and this is a nice rib on the bone which I always think cooks better.  I like my meat rare so I will have to take care I don't convert it into shoe leather.  Some time ago I bought a good meat thermometer which is really brilliant you set the temperature you require and it beeps when that is reached so you can then take the meat out and let it rest.  So much easier than the guess work of so many minutes per pound etc.  It also means I have time to do the yorkshires in a very hot oven and not ruin the meat.

Well I am slowly freezing to death here so time to go and get dressed but not before I have my second coffee.  Have a good day all and lets hope we get some nice warm weather soon!!!!

P.S. poop up and running again - car gone for pads

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