Saturday morning

Good morning all well I am up at a reasonable time today having done a very passable impression of a sloth yesterday.  I am hoping that the pond debacle is now under control as I have the information necessary to contact the guy and organise for him to repair the damage.  Much diplomacy was needed so I am glad I gave myself 24 hours to calm down rather than go at it like a bull at a gate seething with anger.  I am not nice people when I am angry and definitely best avoided.  I don't like confrontation but sometimes it is necessary.  The thing I really hate is hypocrisy you know the sort of people who are all smiles to your face then stab you in the back the minute your back is turned. When I worked at the Brook hospital in Woolwich I watched as anyone on holiday was pilloried and returned to the silent treatment.  In my own special way I returned from holiday with a large jar of hand cream on to which I had taped a label saying "for stab wounds in the back" which I place in a prominent position in the sister's office.  Strangely no one noticed it but I was back to flavour of the month quite quickly.  Apparently all that was wrong with the place was not my fault after all.  It was a most unpleasant place to work as there were deep racial tensions between the various ethnic groups and I actually had to break up a physical fight between a jamaican and a chinese nurse who were intent on killing each other.  Oh I am so pleased that all that is behind me now.

Today it is chilly and overcast and frankly it looks like rain but that is not a problem as the garden is as dry as a biscuit and definitely could use a drink.  It would be so nice to sit outside with my coffee and enjoy the first rays of the sun but not just yet it is far too cold.  I have to content myself with looking at the blossom out of the windows.

Today I have to tackle some of the vegetables which have built up so I am going to make a cauliflower and broccoli cheese for lunch.  Supper will have to be something and salad as I have loads of salad ingredients which need using up.

Being a dog person I have been watching a program called something like me and the dog which is a sort of competition to see who has the best rapport with their dogs.  It is backed by a team of scientists who are researching dog behaviour.  It seems we are only now beginning to unlock the true potential of our four legged friends.  They demonstrated how we can utilise the dogs fabulous nose and play smelling games with them.  Hiding bits of cheese and then sending the dogs out to find them on a sort of orienteering course.  I think this would be a fun game to play even indoors.  This is how sniffer dogs are trained and they just love it.  I know my dogs go mental the minute I get my gun out as that usually means a day of fun and hunting.  Sadly I am getting too old and decrepit to for rough shooting and clay shooting is no fun for the dogs.

Anyway enough burbling on time I got going and did something constructive.  Have a good day all....
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