Saturday morning

Good morning all pretty dull and miserable outside today but the garden could you a drink so if it rains I will not mind.  Yesterday went according to plan Shiona arrived bright and early with her two dogs.  Sadly her boy dog always has a go at Tubby who quite naturally retaliates so we start with a dog discussion which of course sounds terrible.  This is the sort of thing people mistake for a fight which it is not - have you ever heard a dog whisper? they shout.  Anyway we pushed off to Macknades which was bursting at the seams when we arrived.  We decided to lunch first as shopping on an empty stomach equals huge amounts purchased.  We had an interesting mixture of food I had gazpacho soup and bread and butter followed by scrambled eggs on toast and a large cappuccino, Shiona had mushrooms in a cream sauce on sourdough and a side order of crushed butter beans with lemon and mint and a bottle of beer.  The quantities were very generous and Shiona took some of bean dish home - the total bill for the two of us was £22 I think that is perfectly fine for what we had.
Just as a matter of interest I counted the varieties of mushrooms they had for sale 11 would you believe everything from porcini to enoki and many in between.  I bought an enormous leg of lamb which was expensive but when you realise just how many meals it will make everything from roast to cold and then to shepherds pie and scotch broth it is not that bad.  The first of the asparagus was in so I couldn't resist that and instead of chocolate eggs I went for duck eggs in which to dip the asparagus.
Both of us had bits from the cheese department and shared a block of pecorino with truffles and I bought some local soft goats cheese.  All the dogs got a bone from the butcher so everyone did well out of our visit.  Unfortunately, I only bought a kilo of coffee so I will have to go back in the not too distant future:)  Today I need to go to Aldi and buy stuff like toilet paper and bleach etc and that will be dirt cheap.  

The laundry is up to date and though the house is messy it is clean so nothing much to do there and I can spend my time in the kitchen.  I have the ingredients to make a ratatouille so that will keep me amused and for lunch I have duck sausages with haricot beans cooked and jarred in France so just a case of heating and eating. 

The garden is looking good after the ladies have have given it a good going over I now feel better able to manage but as yet I have not decided whether to use the greenhouse for some tomatoes or leave it fallow for another year.  As I am going away again soon perhaps it is best left fallow and maybe next year I will put it back into production.  It is in a bit of a mess so I can spend my time tidying it up and preparing the soil with my copious amounts of compost much of which is chicken manure.

So on that happy note I will leave you to your saturday and hope you too have a splendid day

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