Saturday Morning

Good morning all dull and dank here under a blanket of cloud.  I had a lovely breakfast yesterday with my friends and purchased some really good quality cheddar and some bacon which has been cured in guinness and black treacle which should be a novelty.  Today I have my final errands to run dog chews and Euros so a trip to Tesco is in order.  Once that is done I can try putting a container worth of stuff into a cabin bag.  I really am not a good packer but hopefully I have the essentials and as I am going to a home not a hotel there is lots of stuff I don't need to take. Then I need to empty out my handbag and make sure I don't have too many lethal instruments in it.  The last thing I need is a battle with security.  

I have asked James to drop me at Stansted good and early so he can get home home before the rush hour traffic.  I have no problems kicking around the airport until I fly out.  I would only be pacing like a caged tiger at home.  The roads are so unpredictable that although it says the journey will take an hour or so as you well know it can easily take twice as long.  I went to visit a friend one day and spent 5 hours on the M25.  Monday is possibly not the best day to travel but then again you never know.  

I have some nice sirloin steaks for supper tonight which I will do with mushrooms and onions.  I must admit I am going to enjoy a week of not having to plan the menu and basically not being in charge.  

Franco [new relative] was asking about clay shooting and I have a very small clip of video of me shooting at Dartford.  Do you think I can get the thing to play - no way, every other bit of video plays except that one I think I have poltergeists in my computer.  I have even tried uploading it to youtube in an effort to get it to play but nothing I think this time I am beaten.  I might just put out a query on the net to see if there is some geek who help me out.

Well the sun has just made an appearance albeit very briefly so time to get going have a good day all.

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