Monday Morning

Good morning all well it might be chilly but at least the sun is shining today.  At last the world has changed from black and white to colour.  There are fresh green leaves and things bursting into flower wherever you look.  My garden has lots of bluebells which are actually quite a nuisance but are impossible to get rid of so I have given up trying and just let them do their own thing.  After all the definition of a weed is a plant in the wrong place!!!! Anyway the bees like them and also the dandelions which are proliferating. Perhaps it is time to stop fighting nature and let it do its own thing just keep the garden tidy and let the plants that want to grow get on with it.  I have real problems with ivy coming over from next door which tends to smother lots of plants so that does get a good haircut from time to time.  The front of the house looks pretty dreadful as we cut the trachelospermum off at the root so the front of the house is now covered in dead leaves but we will soon be in a position to pull it all down and get rid of it.  Sadly it had gone mad and was growing in the windows and endangering the roof so it had to go.  It was given to me as a cutting so I felt obligated to plant it but it really was not the right plant for the area.  My gardening ladies are lovely but a bit on the brutal side there is pruning and annihilating and not much between.  

Today Ellie is coming to have coffee with me which will be nice as I haven't seen her for a while and she is just back from a holiday in Tenerife.  I will also have to ring the pond destroyer who has failed to reply to my email.  If he doesn't come and effect the repairs soon I will organise to have them done and he will be receiving the bill.   If that doesn't work there is always the small claims court which I am sure Shiona will steer me through.  I sincerely hope it is not necessary and that he comes and makes good.  The longer the pond is without filtration and oxygenation the more green the water will become and it will turn into a slurry pit.

The fig tree is now getting a new covering of leaves and there is a load of fruit to come.  My apricot tree had a great display of blossom so I am hopeful of getting a few apricots if I can get them before the pigeons and squirrels.

Today looks like a good day to get some laundry done so that is one of the first jobs, according to the weather forecast we are in for a cold snap personally I think we already have it.  The sun looks great but the wind is still from Siberia.  Well whatever I am going to do it is time to get on with it so I will leave you to enjoy your morning and make your own plans for the day.

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