Monday morning

Good morning all well it is a bank holiday so the weather is grotty very overcast and threatening rain. I did manage to get one load of laundry dry on the line before it rained yesterday and the rest of my day was spent making the traditional sunday lunch.  I now have masses of left over roast lamb so here comes shepherds pies and scotch broth not to mention cold meat and salad.  The leg of lamb was expensive but you pay for quality and as it turns out I am going to make so many meals out of it that it is going to turn out to be cheap in the end.  

The less said about the pond the better, suffice to say I am well and truly peed off about it.  I hope the guy who came to collect the fish will come back for the rest and put things back as he found them.  At the moment all the filters and pumps are switched off and 6 inches of water has been pumped out which will take a day to refill.  It is a big pond!!!! Now that the massive fish are gone I hope the water will stay clean longer and it should be less of a headache.

I was just looking through my wardrobe and discovered that I don't really have any suitable clothes for hot weather and it could be hot in Trieste first week of June so I will have to bite the bullet and do a bit of clothes shopping.  I live in jeans and T shirts as I hate dresses and skirts so I will be looking for lightweight trousers and flimsy shirts with a warm cardigan/jacket for the evenings.  I will pack a bathing costume on the off chance we decide to take a dip in the adriatic or sit and cook on the beach. Both of which I think are extremely unlikely but you never know!!!!

The other thing which has crossed my mind is that our hotel, not being a 5 star, is unlikely to have tea and coffee making facilities in the room and that is something that needs rectifying as there is nothing like a hot drink when you wake or come back from a hard day of enjoying yourself.  So a mug and teabags and some means of heating water is called for.  I used to have a travel kettle but I think I may have disposed of it in one of my grand clear outs.  I will try to hunt it down before making any other arrangements.

Well that about it for this morning time to get the show on the road - it looks like an indoor day today as the weather is poor.  Have a good day all 

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