Monday morning

Good morning all - well I am packed all phones and iPads charged and ready to go now all I have to do is shower and make myself look respectable then WAIT AND WAIT  until it is time to set off.  My handbag has been emptied of lethal weapons!!! the wallet filled with Euros and every card I think I might need.  I have down loaded an audiobook to keep me occupied while I do the waiting and once at the airport I can waste time in all the shops, read all the books in WHSmiths test all the perfumes etc. and end up smelling like a tart's boudoir.  If all goes according to plan I will be waking up in Italy tomorrow morning.  I am going to have a break from blogging so expect me off the wires for a week. I will then write a novel to fill you in on all the details.  I am not taking my camera so it will be photos from the iphone.  

You would have laughed yesterday as I packed a couple of rawhide chews for Carol's dogs.  Dan and Tubby disapproved strongly; despite the fact that they too had had one each they thought the others were definitely for them. I think I might get shunned when I return smelling of other dogs having been unfaithful for a week.

The weather here is sunny and warmish and it is similar in Montefino [population 70] however, they have been forecast rain.  Coming from England that is something I am well used to.  Though having said that we have had nothing by way of rain for some time.  I got all my gardening chores finished and three loads of washing put through the machine.  The only thing I forgot to do was eat so the sum total of my intake yesterday was two small bananas and a gallon of coffee.  I must say I don't feel in the least hungry so I will have plenty of room for pasta.  I think I am just awash with adrenalin, is it anxiety or excitement? physiologically they are very similar.  I feel happy so it must be excitement!!! It is a long time since I have driven abroad so that is going to be a novelty but as the area is very rural I am unlikely to get into traffic problem.

Well that's about it for this morning see you again next Monday as I come home late Sunday night.  In the meantime keep well and happy and I will see you all again soon. 

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