Friday morning

Good morning all here is the the weather forecast for our corner.  It is sunny with light clouds but still the temperatures are down in single figures.  Nice to look at from the warmth of the house.  The garden is looking good with lots of colour bursting through but it is still too cold to sit out with my morning cup of coffee.  We haven't had any significant rain for a while and the ground is very dry so a good down pour would be a bonus.  Perhaps I should hang out a big load of washing which should provoke the rain gods.

Yesterday went largely according to plan the car is booked in for Saturday to have it pads done but apparently there is still quite a bit of pad left so there is no real rush and the warning light comes on rather early to give you a chance to get it fixed.  However, I find it disconcerting driving with warning lights on.  Perhaps this is just me as I have, in the past, had the oil light come on which basically told me the sump had emptied the entire contents of the engine on to the road and seized the engine.  Oh the joys of motoring.  At least cars are more reliable these days but they are no longer mendable by rank amateurs like me.  Gone are the days when I could strip down a carburettor and clean it.  I don't even think I could find it in the landrover there doesn't appear to be an engine under the bonnet just a big silver sandwich box.  You will gather from this that my Dad needed a son but got me instead so I was treated to his engineering knowledge and I am sure I knew the difference between a spanner and a screwdriver before I knew the difference between a knife and a fork.  Much of my childhood was spent as brickies mate plumbers mate etc.  Not that I resent it at all it has stood me in good stead through out my life however it does make for difficult situations when a man has stopped to help me and knows nothing about cars.  Tact and diplomacy needed big time.  I was not allowed to learn to drive until I understood the workings of a four stroke engine.

I had a long face time chat with my sister but as usual the subject got round to politics, a subject I hate but one she is very involved with.  I think it is a subject we need to avoid as I foresee nothing but trouble as we have diametrically opposite views.  My views are based on gut instinct but hers are well researched.  Perhaps we should discuss religion we might find some common ground there.  The one thing we do have in common is love of dogs and cooking.

Yesterday I made a fricasse of spring vegetables which will go down well with our flash fried steaks. They are very thin so only need to be frightened with a frying pan.  The veg mix is with asparagus carrots and courgettes.  It had been intended for supper last night but James fancied a chinese so that is what we had and the veg has been pushed on to today's lunch.  Planning seems pointless and I just play musical meals Denzils shift pattern doesn't help matters much.  I must say that we have a very odd family dynamic with two adult men who I see as children still but somehow we are getting along without too many ruffled feathers.

In the time it has taken me to write this stuff the sun has gone and black clouds are rolling in what is it they say about british weather "if you don't like just wait 20 minutes"  Anyway have a good day no matter what the weather throws at you.

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