Friday Morning

Sorry to be so late it is  still just morning but following a rather grotty night I fell dead to the world at about 6am.  I have had a chat with the neighbours about the pond debacle last night and apparently the guy who took the fish is a relative.  They are very happy to deal with him as he has caused them multiple problems too.  He has just come to the door and left his card so I can speak with him later when my head is together and I am dressed.  What a rude awakening!!!!  Anyway it is now under control.  

Sandy and I had lunch at the all you can eat chinese and I think I rather overdid it hence the grotty night. A self inflicted injury me thinks!!

Thank you all for your comments I find it hard to believe 6 months have passed time flies by so quickly and I have had other things to think about with both boys still at home.  James is very up and down which has kept me on my toes. My trips to Italy have also been time and mind consuming.  I can only hope that all goes well with the trip to Trieste with Sandy.  She is older than I and bless her heart she has been trying to learn some Italian but is finding it difficult to remember.  I reassured her that if all she can say is thankyou that will be fine, I can do the rest.  The hotel staff are multilingual and lots of people these days speak English.  I am fluent in the local dialect provided you don't want to talk politics or business that is where my vocabulary falls short.  The rest I can manage quite well.  
We now each have a suitcase for the hold so we should have an easier transit through the airport all we need to do is avoid all the others with their wheely bags.  I have booked everything to make that possible, fast track, priority boarding etc.  So fingers crossed for an uneventful journey.  It is only a two hour flight so just a bus ride really.  

Well it is really is time I got going it is lunch time and I am still not dressed what a disgrace.  Until tomorrow folks have a good one.

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