Friday morning

Good morning all and another chilly one single figures on the thermometer.  Just in case you missed my comment yesterday THE PUMPS ARE DONE.  I rang Shiona and was moaning about it, well it was moanday thursday, so she said she would come over today and beat me with a stick.  Just the threat was sufficient I went straight out and did them.  I promised her a good lunch for her efforts so we are going to go to Macknade's as they are open and we will both enjoy a lunch and shopping trip combined.  I must say I have not lunched there before but if their breakfast is anything to go by then it will be a lovely lunch.  I am short of meat and some veg not mention pasta and a few other odds and ends so this will kill many birds with one stone.  She can tell me all about her cruise to india and I can fill her in on my week in Italy.  

I was fiddling with some photos yesterday and found this one of my sisters temporary accommodation, not exactly a tent or nissen hut but still difficult for someone who has extremely limited vision.  She has the bottom floor and the three terraces but just look at the steps both up and down and imagine two dogs on leads desperate for a run.  Nightmare!!!  I'm glad that she is at least safe as her own house is in a terrible state and quite dangerous one more small shake and the whole thing will collapse.

It is sad to see these very picturesque hill top villages are becoming ghost towns as the young move away to find work leaving just the elderly and a way of life that is passed its sell by date.  It takes hard physical work to eek out a living and if you had a choice you too would move.  Many of the generation left behind are still illiterate but you don't need to read and write to grow tomatoes and pick olives.  It might look romantic but it is a hard life.  So I am embarrassed over the fuss I have made with the stupid pumps.  Sometimes it does you good to realise just how lucky you are, I want for nothing.

Well the sun is shining and the temperature rising time to get myself showered and ready as Shiona will be here in about an hour.  I hope she will be pleased that she doesn't have to stand over me with a stick and we can just have a nice day together.  

Have a great day all and enjoy the easter holidays.

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