Wednesday Morning

Good morning all.  Top priority today is to get the rubbish out for the bin men we forgot last week so the garage is full and smelly so out it must go.  As most of our rubbish goes out in polythene bags we dare not put it out the night before, which would be much more convenient, as the local cats and foxes tear everything to bits.  The bin men come early so it is a case of trying to remember first thing when you brain is still a bit addled.

Today the weather is wet but at least the temperatures are up a bit so it is not so cold.  Yesterday I finally got round to fixing an ongoing problem which has been lurking around for ages.  Though we have a porch there has always been a draught coming under the front door so much so that when I tested it with a tea light it was immediately blown out.  I ordered a draught excluder and we fitted it as soon as it arrived.  I for one can already feel the difference as my feet are no longer blocks of ice.  

Yesterdays dilemma of the left overs was soon resolved. The boys fancied soup which was the easiest of the alternatives so that was easily accomplished.  Today I have some mince out of the freezer and a cottage pie is high on my priority list.  For supper I fancy macaroni cheese all comfort foods perhaps a reaction to yesterdays soup and salad day.  

In the fortnight since I last saw Denny she has had a terrible time as the storm blew off most of her roof and she had rain pouring in through the ceilings so she is up to her armpits in insurance claims etc and has my deepest sympathy - what a disaster!!!!  though our house is of a similar age it had had a new roof put on just before we moved in some 35 years ago and touch wood it is still in good condition.

James has put a light over the door of the garage so that I don't tread in dog poo on my way to the freezer which is as you can imagine quite an advantage.  A certain small Tubby person likes to hide there for his ablutions and leave death traps for us humans.  It is a low old process but I am gradually getting round to those jobs that always get put to the bottom of the list.  

Well time to put the bins out and have a second cup of coffee before I get stuck into the day.
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