Wednesday morning

Good morning all: well talk about nothing ventured nothing gained I now have a dinner invitation from the little boy in yesterday's photo.  He is gadding about all over the world but I think as luck would have it we may both be in Trieste at the same time.  I will pump off an email with the dates of our travel and hope.

I am in a sort of limbo land at the moment, today I am having my nails done and James has a dental appointment and oh yes they are both at the same time so we are going to have to share the car and wait for each other.  The laundry is up to date but the fridge is empty so shopping is in order but just a few bits to tide us over as I have organised to go to Macnades and have breakfast with Sandy and Elaine on friday morning which is when I will buy the stuff to take to Italy.  Then it is just the weekend and away I go on Monday.  The drive up to Stansted is supposed to be about an hour but you never know with the roads so I would rather be at the airport early and waste my time there than be sweating and fretting in a traffic jam.

Dan is showing off the newly trimmed arch which looks so much better but it is a bit of a pain to cut as it now requires a ladder to do the top.  My previous gardener had a long arm hedge trimmer but the ladies only have a standard one so it was all a bit precarious with two of us holding the ladder while the third tried to balance and use the hedge trimmer.  Anyway, it is done and will look fine for quite a while.  Of course when I planted the trees I never thought about how they were to be cut when they reached maturity a bit of a failure in forward planning me thinks!!!!   I think at some point we may have to take the top of the arch off and just have two pillars.  It is wonderful each time the ladies come they work their way further up the garden.  The next part will be around the pond and I must have a look at all the pumping gear and give that a birthday.  Fortunately the vegetable beds are all covered with weed suppressing membrane so the can sit fallow for the rest of the year.  The chicken run is an area I am in a real quandary about and I think for the time being it should just be sprayed with weed killer to keep it under control.

Well it is time I got going and put the rubbish out for the bin men then a second cup of coffee before I start the day.  Have a good day all and if you have the sun please send it this way it is as dull as ditchwater outside today.

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