Wednesday Morning

Good morning all, a duller day today but yesterday was a good drying day so the line was loaded with washing.  It is still pretty chilly in single figures but that didn't stop Dan from having a swim as the tide was in.  Dogs just don't seem to feel the temperature like we do, it makes me cold just thinking about it. You would think that with a body temperature higher than ours they would feel it even more but no, they just love it.

Yesterday was a day of housework as Denny came and did her stuff.  We ate out of the freezers some chicken things that Denzil had brought back from Tesco which I disassembled and cooked to go with the dauphinoise potatoes.  For supper we finished the last of the pigs in blankets also from tesco's cheap department.  

I now have two big boxes of stuff for the charity shop so I think it is time to get them delivered so I can start refilling them.  I found a laptop bag lurking in the back of the wardrobe and as I no longer have a lap top it is redundant so that too can go.  The progress I am making is slow but at least I am persevering with it and I don't feel so overwhelmed.  Today I have a small garden job to do the lovely azelea which has been on the kitchen window all winter really deserves repotting but as my soil is very alkaline I need to go and buy a bag of ericaceous compost so that I can pot it up properly.  At the moment it is in a very light weight plastic pot so it blows over in the slightest wind.  I have loads of heavy type garden pots so it will be much better in one of those.  It is putting on a lot of new growth so it is trying very hard to survive and I feel obligated to help it.

I can't believe how much better I feel now that the garden is being dealt with.  It was hanging over me like the sword of damocles.  It is a long way from finished but at least when I look out of the windows my heart doesn't sink into my boots.   In the old chicken run I have an apricot tree which was bred for use in Canada so it withstands our winters well it is covered in blossom now if only the wind will drop the bees can get at it and do their stuff and we may actually get some fruit this year if I can get to it before the birds.

The sun has broken through the clouds and we may yet have a lovely day so I had better gird up my loins and get going.  Have a good day all 

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