Wednesday morning

Good morning all the sun is shining and the gardening ladies came and did quite a bit in the garden mostly the front garden which has been pruned right back and the scented jasmine which is trying to get in the windows has been cut off at the root.  It will take a while for it to die before we can pull it down.  However, they also took away a pair of folding bicycles which I have been looking to get rid of - I now have much more room in the shed.  Much of the work was slow going but I lent a hand and we managed to thin out one of the bamboos.  While they cut and cleared I stripped the canes and made them into useful ones ready for runner beans.  They were happy to take those as well.  We set a bin limit rather than a time limit, once both the wheelie bins were full it was time to pack up.  They will be returning on Monday to continue the process.  I must admit I found it a very pleasant experience to have a bit of company in the garden and though I didn't do much I was on hand to explain what was what and where stuff was.  The front is now clear and clean and the patio area is all but done.  We are going to put the pressure washer over it next time and then move on to the bay trees.  It is going to take some time to get it back to a reasonable state but I feel much happier now it is being dealt with.

I have given in and ordered a new mattress topper as I think the constant waking up is because I am uncomfortable so hopefully it will arrive today and I will have a lovely comfy bed for tonight.  I sleep on my side so my hips and shoulders dig into the bed and soon become uncomfortable.  

On today's menu I fancy a mushroom risotto which a purple kale and clementine side salad.  Supper will have to be something on toast unless the boys come up with a better suggestion.  We had a bit of a compromise meal last night I had some nice feather steaks which we had with egg and a portion of chips from the takeaway.  Much nicer the whole house doesn't stink of frying.  The laundry is up to date and I even managed to get rid of the ironing pile so I am feeling quite pleased with myself.  

Well it is time for a second cup of coffee and then I will get my act together - for once the kitchen is clean and tidy so I can start cooking without having to do a massive wash up first.  Have a good day all.....
P.S. anybody heard from Chrissie?
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