Wednesday Morning

Good morning all, well did you make your pancakes yesterday?  I did and I must say I had forgotten how much I like them dressed with lemon and sugar.  My sister suggested a nice savory use instead of the usual and that is to liberally sprinkle them with parmesan then roll them tightly and slice finely and add to a chicken broth.  Sounds right up my street a sort of chicken noodle soup.  I must say I have used them to make lasagne in the past when I couldn't be bothered to make the pasta and they make magic cannelloni. The other favorite is to fill them with a boiled leek wrapped in ham then laid in a dish and covered with a cheese sauce.  They are actually very versatile and also freeze well.  

Today I have a vegetable problem which needs fixing.  As I have been off colour for a while the vegetables have mounted up and need to be used so I think a minestrone is in order.  I also have a load of parsnips which I think I will parboil and freeze.  For once the kitchen is not a mess as I set it to zero before I threw in the towel yesterday.  

The weather here is quiet today with odd bursts of sunshine which certainly makes you feel better. Things in the garden are beginning to sprout little hints of green so spring can't be too far off.  I don't know about you but winter has seem to be very long this year.  Anyway not too long now before I go to Italy which I am really looking forward to as I feel a bit stir crazy and this is where I miss the caravan even if it was only for a few days at least it was a change of scene.  I really do need a break from these four walls.  When you look at things there is always a positive side to everything as I have felt so unwell I no longer care if there are cobwebs hanging from the light fittings or that my wardrobe is a complete mess.  Dan is pestering the life out of me as he wants his breakfast and he has discovered if he climbs into my lap I can't type.

Well time I went and peeled sliced and diced and gave the boy his grub.  Have a good day all Oh and that reminds me pinch punch and all that.

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