Tuesday Morning

Good morning all, now make sure you are sitting comfortably and have a cup of something by your side because I am going to tell you a story.

While chatting to my sister we were discussing our memories of the family especially the Italian side and we both remembered a relative from our youth.  Now I am no good at cousins twice removed etc except to say he is the son of my grandmother's brother not sure what that makes him perhaps you can tell me?  Anyway we knew his Dad had a marine engine company in Trieste and my sister thought they were still in operation.  So I had a google to see what I could find and yes there is a very big company called Volpi Marine so I found their contact email and promptly wrote off a letter to the sales department asking if they could put me in touch with Franco Volpi the son of the one time owner.  Off went my email into the ether and I expected nothing from it.  I was sure some secretary would open the email and very quickly press delete.  Low and behold last night I got a letter from Franco who had been wondering what had become of us.  Perhaps not quite a miracle but certainly a big surprise.  Below is the only photo I have, I am the one with the plaits in the middle.  Can you believe that someone working for the company which was sold 9 years ago bothered to pass on the email.  There are some incredibly kind people out there.  Anyway, we are now back in contact and and as he spends his summers on his boat and the winters skiing.   I am making tracks to see if he will be around in Trieste when I go in May and see if we can't meet up for a coffee and a chat.  Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?

I was so thrilled to receive the letter and so grateful to who ever took the trouble to send on the email.

Now back to the mundane the gardening ladies came yesterday and have done a lovely job of the garden they too are thrilled as when they first saw it it looked like a jungle but now they can see all the lovely plants which are bursting into bloom.

What is on the menu today I have no idea except that it will be with broccoli as I have some which is nearing its cook by date and just showing a hint of yellow time for boiling water me thinks.

On that happy note I will leave you to your day and the sun if you have it.
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