Tuesday Morning

Good morning all I am a happy bunny this morning my gardening ladies came yesterday and managed to do quite a lot before they got rained off.  The bays have been trimmed up and look so much better.  My mattress topper turned up and got put on the bed but it is so thick it is almost like another mattress and I feel like the princess and the pea sleeping on a big pile of mattresses.  Anyway I slept very well last night even if I was up in the air.  It is nice to wake up with no stiff or sore bits for a change.  

Those flat breads that I made the other day were so good that I had to repeat the performance again yesterday.  I made another batch for supper last night and they were duly enjoyed but both dogs and humans alike.  

We are having a go at eating out of the freezer to run it down so that I can have a good clear out I'm sure there must be stuff in there that is years old.  Things tend to get pushed to the back and forgotten. The wonderful Denny is due this morning so not only will the garden look good but the house will as well.  What more could a girl ask.  Things are gradually falling back into place and with my extra chore each day I am making progress with the decluttering.  However, I need to go to the charity shop as my box is full of stuff and ready to go.  I still have some way to go with the wardrobe but I am pleased with what I have done so far.  

On that happy note I will go and find something for lunch and for supper I fancy something with dauphinoise potatoes.  Have a good day all we have some sun but it is very chilly at 5 degrees.
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