Tuesday morning

Good morning all, the sun is shining and the gardening ladies are coming at lunchtime today. Yesterday, I actually got out and pruned one of the wisterias and a couple of roses both a bit late in the season but better late than never.  I am going to try and spend half an hour a day in the garden in the hope of gradually reducing the bulk of the work.  Lunch today is all but ready as I made a chicken curry yesterday so all I need to do is boil some rice.  The kitchen is messy but clean as I tend to stack my washed up cooking stuff on the draining board and allow it to dry naturally rather than dry it up. So now it is just a case of putting it away and tidying up.  It looks like a perfect day for laundry so I will get at least one load on and out on the line.  Tomorrow being bin day I need to go around the house and gather all the rubbish which accumulates and get that bagged up.  I really wish the council would provide us with wheelie bins for our recycling and landfill waste we only have them for garden waste.  Wheelie bins would be animal proof so we could get them out the night before and not have to worry about getting up early to get the rubbish out.

As I was so under the weather I have fallen behind on some of my monthly jobs so they are on my list for today.  The water softener needs checking for salt and I need to send off the meter readings for the solar panels as well as gas and electric.  Some how with the sun shining none of them seems like a chore as my spirits are lifted.  There is nothing like a bit of sunshine to make you feel better.  I am sleeping rather oddly at the moment as I seem to wake almost every hour but I dose off quite quickly until I finally can't sleep and then get up.  I suppose it comes under the heading of disturbed sleep but I don't feel tired so it is not a real problem.  Thank goodness I don't have to go to work!!!

I was interested in your replies about tattoos which seem to be so popular at the moment but I must say I dislike them, which is probably a generational thing, to me they make you look cheap but that is my perception.  I suppose I see it as defacing your body rather than enhancing it and of course there are tattoos and tattoos.  Some look like a drunk has scribbled on you and others are quite artistic.  

Next door are still drilling like mad I really hope they finish the work soon it has been a long haul of noise and I have not been in the mood to be disturbed.  I think one of the things that keeps me out of the garden is the incessant barking of their dogs.  They hear me outside and immediately start which is all a bit disconcerting no one ever tries to stop them.  People on the other side shout at them and I have also told them to shut up on more than one occasion.  All to no avail!!!!  Very fortunately my dogs have not joined in and try to ignore them but it makes the garden a bit of a no go area.

Well if I am to get as much done as I hope I had better make a start - fingers crossed all goes according to plan!!!   Have a good one and I hope you too are blessed with the sun.
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