Tuesday morning

Good morning all.  What a relief it is to have some help with the garden I can now look out without feeling overwhelmed.  Weather permitting next week should see some improvement getting help with the garden is not easy as people who know what they are doing are difficult to find.  Anyway I think I have cracked it.  The ladies showed me some photos of a garden that they had done which was so badly overgrown that you couldn't see there was a garden mine is not quite that bad but it wouldn't take much longer for it to get that way.

The wonderful Denny is due today so the house will also get a birthday which will be nice I have managed to keep on top of the mess but cleaning has rather gone by the wayside.  The laundry is all but done so today should see the last load for a couple of days.  At least while I was working I had something to break up the monotony of housework. The house was no cleaner but I was less bored!!!!
I sometimes think we should swap houses with a friend and clean each others places that way at least you would be dusting different pieces of furniture!!!!

No one fancied a cold supper last night so it has been shunted on to lunch for today but I have a bit of a quandary with the leftovers from yesterday's lunch.  The chicken carcass has been put through the pressure cooker so I have stock/broth which would do on its own with a bit of pasta and some parmesan.  Then I have left some of the meat some potatoes and mixed vegetables.  Not enough for the three of us but too much to jettison. So do I add the broth and make a chunky soup or do I fry onions add a tin of tomatoes and some curry spices and call it curry.  I could cover it with a sauce and a pastry crust and call it a pie.  I can't decide what to do so I think I will put it to a vote and let the boys decide which they would prefer.  I get fed up of having to decide.  

Well Denny is here so it is time I got going too have a nice day we have sun!!!!

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