Thursday morning

Good morning all, well the sun is shining and we have got double figures on the temperature scale I declare spring to be here if only for today!!!  Yesterday went according to plan and I got all the cooking done and the kitchen set to zero last night.  However my bed feels like concrete as I chucked out the memory foam mattress topper which had seen better days and was falling to bits.  Now the dilema is do I get another topper or persevere with getting used to a harder surface? 

I was looking at my garden from the roof of the kitchen and then I saw next door which looks like a builders yard so mine looks reasonable in comparison!!! Anyway with any luck mine will soon look lovely again once the gardeners have had a go at it.

On today's menu we have an oriental fish soup made with coconut milk and lashings of coriander. Like most oriental dishes the cooking time is minutes but the preparation time is longer.  Tonight the boys are going to treat me to a takeaway - as yet I am not sure what?   I have taken an oxtail out of the freezer and that is going into the pressure cooker once it has defrosted.  I like to cook it one day then let it go cold and degrease before finishing off the next.  I think it will be a stew rather than soup as we have had a lot of soup this week.  The cottage pie I made yesterday was enough for 5 portions so I have a meal for two ready to go into the freezer.  It will come in handy for the boys when I am away.  The car is booked in for its repairs towards the end of the month so that is another job dealt with and something else to cross off the todo list.  I am trying to get things done in dribs and drabs rather than frighten myself to death with the magnitude of it all.  Most of the decluttering advice is to do just one thing per day rather than attack a whole room.  I have been gradually sorting draws in my bedroom and thinning out the rubbish that has accumulated.  I have a habit of putting clothing that is a bit under par in a pile for gardening or dog walking but there is a limit to how much of this I need so most of it is going into the tip.  

I have just had a phone call purporting to be from HM customs and excise who apparently have a case against me.  Press 1 to speak to your caseworker!!!!  Turns out he cannot actually speak English so I told him once he master the language he could ring me back.  I think this is really appalling and will really frighten people to death so I may well make a complaint about it.  Who do I complain to customs and excise, trading standards, telephone ombudsman or all of them.  I have barred the number from my phone so it should keep them off my back.  I mention it here in case you too find yourself on the receiving end of one of these calls.

I will let you know how I get on with the complaint in the meantime have a good day and enjoy the sunshine. 

HMRC are aware of these scammers and will only ever contact you in writing.  Please warn all your elderly relatives about this one and tell them not to comply just put the phone down.

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