Thursday morning

Good morning all, today we have a smattering of sunshine after yesterdays day of dullness and freezing siberian wind.  My nails are done and looking reasonable which makes me feel better as they were very tatty.

In this mornings Email I have just received a load of photos from my newly found relative, Franco, and it seems the poor sod has to spend his winters on this boat.  I think I would call it a yacht my grandad who was a merchant seaman told me a boat has oars.  You will be delighted to know that the sight of it fills me with horror as I hate boats of all kinds as I am the worlds worst sailor and feel sick just looking at the picture.  But I guess if you have spent a life in marine engineering you would be bound to have a boat.

That said we have had an invitation to a barbeque at his house when I go with Sandy, that I will accept with gratitude.  He lives very close to where my grandmother used to live so I know the area quite well.  The accompanying letter has so many questions that it is going to take me some time to reply.  I will have to write a potted history of my life to cover all the bases.  Well it will give me something to do while I while away the time till I fly out on Monday.

I did a load of shopping yesterday and bought stuff that is easy for the boys to prepare in my absence. You know the sort of stuff, unwrap and stick in the microwave or oven nothing that requires proper cooking.

I have a couple of chores to do in the garden and as we have a bit of warmth today is the day so I will close and go and get on with it.  
I'm glad to see that Chrissie is back with us after her time in the depths of depression anyone who has been there will understand and if you haven't count your lucky stars.

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