Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Did I ever get it wrong yesterday no sooner than I had finished writing the heavens opened and we had a day of freezing cold rain.  However, I did my charity shop run and bought the bag of ericaceous compost not that I could use it.  My garden plans where a write off and I had to make do with indoor chores.  While I was in Dobbies I bought another couple of plants for my window box, a thyme and a parsley, it is a bit early to put out basil I think but that will be one of the plants for the summer.  I have two sets of window boxes one with bulbs for the spring and then I change them over for the summer ones which are filled with herbs.  Meanwhile I can leave the bulbs to die back in an inconspicuous part of the garden.  Well that is the theory anyway.  I like to have the herbs readily available so they are all within easy reach of the kitchen.  Bay, rosemary and sage are planted in the garden so they are always available but for some unknown reason thyme seems unhappy in the ground so it goes in the window box.  Parsley being a biannual I plant a new one each year so I have a constant supply.  I have managed to keep a kafir lime leaf plant for a couple of years but it is still not really big enough to start stripping off the leaves.  This reminds me of one of the projects I was called upon to write when I did the horticulture course we had to write a planting plan for a country house which needed a supply of cut flowers for the entire year.  No easy task!!!!  I have a great deal of admiration for the gardeners of old who had to do this for real as well as keeping the big house in vegetables and fruit.  No wonder they needed 50 gardeners!!!!

According to the weather forecast we are due more rain today but at the moment is it clear and sunny but I am not holding my breath.  While I was out shopping I bought some really lovely pork chops which are on the lunch menu for today - the meat in the freezer is down quite a lot which is the intention but it does limit what I have available to cook.  

Now you know I am mildly crazy so here is something really time wasting that I did yesterday.  Yes, I made a jumbo out of some towels just to prove I could!!!!  I saw how to make it on a Youtube video and just had to have a go.
What a fun way to arrange a bath and a hand towel

Well time is marching on and I need to get going if I am to accomplish anything worthwhile today.  
I can't close without mention of the London mayhem yesterday the timing couldn't have been worse for us as James is due to go to London tomorrow.  He has not been up there for a long time due to his PTSD but he has an appointment he cannot avoid.  He has been revving up for weeks having nightmares and not sleeping but at least once it is over he can relax again.  Sadly there is no cure for PTSD you just have to learn to live with it which takes time and effort.  Anyway fingers crossed he will get through tomorrow and then we can finally put it behind us.  I have offered to go with him but he would rather go alone so that is what will happen.  I feel for those who were exposed to the tragedy as there will be those who will suffer for the rest of their lives.  Personally I only hold the terrorist accountable for 50% of James problems the other 50% I reserved for the metropolitan police who treated him so cruelly and basically ruined his life.
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