Thursday morning

Good morning all we have yet another day of sunshine here it is really beginning to feel as if winter is over.  I can't believe how long it is taking me to get back up to running speed I am still pretty flat but hopeful that my break away will make a big difference.  Yesterday I organised the boarding passes etc so all the paperwork is up to date.  

When I look around the house all I see are jobs which need doing and then I get overwhelmed and don't know where to start so I don't which makes matters worse because I then feel guilty as well.  I think I need a plan so I am going to allocate just one job per day and satisfy myself with that.  Gone are the days when I could achieve great things and work my socks off all day.  

I was hoping that my mattress topper would arrive yesterday but no such luck it is coming on Monday.  My bed this morning looks like someone had a fight in it I have managed to toss around so much I found myself lying directly on the mattress with the sheets in a bunch in the middle of the bed.  How did that happen?

Job for today:- The banisters are filthy so they are going to get a birthday.  

On the menu today is a guinea fowl which I intend to roast as I would a chicken nice and easy with minimal mess, carrots peas and mash will complete the meal.  The carcass will go into the pressure cooker and make some stock/broth for the freezer.  Now there is another job that needs doing I need to go through the freezer and make some sense of the contents which is just a major muddle but I will leave that for another day.  I am very easily sidetracked so I will have to be firm with myself and restrict my work to achievable amounts. So it will be just the banisters then I will not feel so fed up with myself.  I need a good kick in the rear end anyone willing to deliver it?

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