Thursday morning

Good morning all, now I remember why I don't normally make minestrone despite everyone having a big bowl yesterday I still have enough for a battalion.  So the plan for today is to get it in the freezer, overnight it has absorbed lots of the liquid which I am not going to replace as there is no point in freezing water I can always add it when I defrost it.  I do this with stock also and try to reduce it down to a very strong solution before freezing.  I also have a tray of roasted butternut squash which I am just going to puree rather than make into soup again to save space in the freezer which is kind of full at the moment.  I was feeling rough last night so the kitchen is a mess yet again silly me!!!  I really would love a kitchen porter or a slave so if you know anyone who would like the job let me know? The job would come with board and lodging and buckets of gratitude in lieu of pay.

Having had a soup day yesterday today I am in the mood for a nice fresh salad of some kind, perhaps my body is trying to tell me something so I am happy to go along with what it wants.  Donkeys years ago, when I was nursing, we always gave multivitamins along with antibiotics as even then we knew that the gut bacteria also got destroyed and they were needed for vitamin absorption.  I am endeavouring to do the same with food and live yoghurt to replace the loss.  If I am craving it I think there might be a reason.

Dan made me laugh yesterday I had done some parsnips with parmesan in the oven and I gave a piece to each dog.  Tubby munched his gratefully but Dan, in his usual fashion, took it then spat it on the floor to examine it for edibility.  He then looks to Tubby to see if he is eating it which must mean it is OK.  He really doesn't trust humans to eat proper food after all we eat fish and vegetables both of which he thinks are inedible.

Anyway time to get the show on the road the hammering and banging next door is in full swing so much so that my lamp in my bedroom was rattling with the vibrations from the shared wall.  Just what you need when you are few degrees under and could use a bit of peace and quiet. Anyway at least the sun is shining between the dark clouds.
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