Sunday morning

Good morning all well one hours less sleep last night so now we are in BST until October.  Some of my clocks change themselves while others do not which is a bit of a pain.  In my usual lazy fashion I only change the clocks I use and leave the others.  It seems to me that every gizmo has a clock.  I never use the timer mechanism on the oven so I don't bother with that one besides I would have to get my glasses to see the time.  

When I got up this morning there was a big bunch of flowers and some really dark chocolate waiting for me.  I think the lads had been shopping late last night as they are both still asleep.  Anyway it is nice to be remembered.

I am hoping to get my car back this afternoon so I will be mobile once again.  The weather here is a bit murky this morning with a bit of a wind blowing but it is dry and not too cold.  The garden looks none too bad now that there is a bit of colour it takes your eyes from the weeds.  I remember being so pleased when I went round the RHS gardens at Wisley they too had weeds despite the army of full time gardeners so I felt a bit better about mine. 

I had a bit of a problem last evening with the mackerel no one fancied it so I had a choice of freezing it or cooking it.  I chose to cook it and have dressed it with lemon slices raw red onion and capers so I think it will make a nice meal with some salad or failing that it will go well on some toast as a light lunch.  Denzil is working his long day today so it will be just James and I for supper  I have some duck pieces in the freezer which might fit the bill.  If we have anything decent I usually leave a plateful for Denzil when he gets home.  I must say I quite fancy roast duck roast potatoes peas and carrots so I will go and get the bits out of the freezer now then head off to the shower.  Once I am presentable I will try contacting my sister on facetime which works really well.

Well that is the plan for the day have a good one everybody 
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