Sunday morning

Good morning all where has all the lovely sunshine gone it is as dull as ditch water here which is such a pity as there are lovely blossoms out in the garden.  The magnolia is in full bloom and looking magnificent all it needs is a splash of sun to make it perfect.  I might try and get some photos today despite the lack of sun.  

I expect this is really boring but I am accomplishing my extra chore each day and some how by writing it here I feel obligated to complete it.  Today, I am going to sort out the bedding which is in a huge muddle.  Sadly I have three beds one king, one double and one single and I have great difficulty with all the white sheets so I am going to mark them with a permanent marker so that I can distinguish one from another.  I suppose it would be easier if I had coloured sheets but I do like white. 

On the menu today is a nice piece of pork which I am going to roast with lots of stuffing [I have a passion for sage and onion stuffing] Apple sauce and an array of vegetable will complete the meal.  I had a little accident and bought myself an almost professional mandolin so I think the vegetables might be in tiny pieces.  I have a sort of mandolin which I use a lot but it is now getting dull and so it is time to replace it.  The new one has fewer bits so will store more easily and should be very sharp.  I can't wait to julienne everything.  It is due to arrive today so I hope it gets here in time for me to do the veg for lunch and I feel a dauphinoise coming on.

James made us a macaroni cheese for supper last night and used the thermomix to make the cheese sauce.  He knew not to over cook the pasta but forgot that if you pour the sauce over it and leave it it will absorb all the moisture.  It was very tasty if a bit solid but for a first attempt it was fine and we ate the lot.

Well that is the plan for the day I will now see if I can contact my sister on facetime and have a chat Sunday morning suits us both.  Have a good day all what is on your menu today?

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