Sunday morning

Good morning all.  We have been forecast rain for today but none has appeared yet! Yesterday it was a fine day and I actually got some washing out on the line the bees were going mad as the mahonia is in full bloom and they really love the flowers.

Sandy popped in to collect her case and to deliver me some coffee but she also brought the dogs a marrow bone each from the butcher.  It was 2am when I was woken by a strange crump crump noise yes, Dan had fetched his bone and was eating it on the landing where the noise really echoed.  He has completely demolished a cows knee joint.  It is quite scary when you see just what short work he makes of something so solid.  It is a very good job he is such a gentle dog he could really do damage if he chose to.  Sandy is now looking at getting a labrador puppy and has a litter of eight to choose from. Fortunately her other half will be on holiday when we go to Italy and he will be puppy sitting for the week.

Denzil is back at work today so we are going to leave him a meal on a plate for when he gets home and James and I will do our own thing.  It does make catering a bit of a problem but most things can be reheated without too much damage.  It will be easier once the salad season is in full swing.  Thank goodness for microwaves.  

Well that's about it for today I need to get out in the garden and do a dog poo patrol in case the gardeners come tomorrow although that is stupid it would be more sensible to do it in the morning.  Have a good day all......

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