Sunday morning

Good morning all, the weather here is anything but good it is very cold and pouring with rain. However, it is not all bad news I think I have finally turned the corner and I feel much better in myself and the horrid coughing seems to be slowing down.  I have used every bit of my knowledge to get myself back on my feet but you can't beat the slowness of age.  What would have taken three days to clear when I was 20 now takes three weeks.  It is very frustrating, I am into the second week of antibiotics and have eaten enough live yogurt to kill a horse.  I have tried to eat all good things with loads of vitamins etc.  I feel I have played my part but my body is being uncooperative.  The one good thing to come out of this is that I am sleeping much better.  I felt so much better last night that I bleached all the sinks in the kitchen and today the fridge is due for a birthday.  I am aware that now is the time to be careful not to over do it so I am allocating just one job per day in addition to keeping the show on the road.

Now for a bit of really good news tomorrow some lady gardeners are coming to have a look at the garden and see if they can help me out a bit, which would make me so much happier as it hurts me to look at the garden in such a mess.  They are dog people so I will not have to lock the dogs up unless they decide to be helpful.  Fortunately, Dan has not discovered digging yet and I will be very happy he never does.  With paws the size of shovels he could dig a significant hole in minutes.  Basso decided that the concrete block that held up the washing line was no longer needed and in moments he removed it along with quite a bit of the lawn.

Despite the weather being pretty foul but I would like to get out of the house so I think a trip to Tesco might be in order.  If I wrap up warm I only have to get from house to car and car to shop so not much outside in the rain.  I think it will do me good to have a change of scenery even if it is only a shop.  I have a weeks worth of coffee so I don't need to go to Faversham just yet and Sandy has offered to bring me some if I don't feel like it.  Arent friends just wonderful.  

Well that's about it for this morning time to get myself in the shower but not before I have had a second cup of coffee.  
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