Saturday Morning

Good morning all we have the sun back and with it the temperature is rising.  The last few days have been perishingly cold but today we are in double figures which is a bit more like it.  Yesterday was a bit of a non day what with the car going in for repairs I did very little but keep the boat afloat.  I did do one slightly crazy thing which I had read about on the net.  I soft boiled some eggs in the pressure cooker.  I know WHY!!!  Well you can do lots in one go and they are particularly easy to shell and for that I tried the blowing method which worked really well.  So what became of the soft boiled eggs well they were served with sliced avocado and lashings of salt pepper and lemon juice and a hunk of crusty bread.  The video I saw was of a lady who does a dozen at a time and then has them for breakfast during the week when time is of the essence.  I just wanted to see if it was possible and I was pleasantly surprised.   Once they are done you have to plunge them into ice water to stop the cooking if you want them to remain soft.  Anyway it was all a success.

On today's menu we have some lovely mackerel fillets which I am just going to frighten with the griddle pan and serve with a big salad.  You learn something new every day and from a program I watched yesterday I have learned that if you expose mushrooms to sunlight they manufacture vitamin D which is the one vitamin us northern hemisphere people often lack.  So slice your mushrooms and put them on the window sill for a couple of hours and you should have an extra dose.  Alternatively use dried mushrooms as they are high in the vitamin.  

Well as usual these days I am well behind schedule I think I am finally getting over my early waking which was necessary when Mike was ill but now I don't have to get up I don't.  I still wake at 4 am on the dot but I can turn over and go back to sleep with a clear conscience.  It is taking me rather longer than expected to readjust my life but I am getting there.  Fortunately my friends keep in touch and we chat on the phone which keeps me from going crazy.  In fact one of my friends sent me a T shirt with a moto on the front which reads "to save time assume I know everything" Oh if it were only true the older I get the more I am aware of how little I know!!!!
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