Saturday morning

 Good morning all, well another day of success the one chore accomplished.  The flatbread was rather too delicious I can see it becoming a firm favourite.  Very simple ingredients most from the cupboard plus onions and goats cheese - I think any piece of mouse trap cheese would do. Cooking is simple in a heavy frying pan.  Would make a terrific accompaniment to a creamy soup that needs a bit of a kick. ie. celery or potato. Or a salad that is not going to be quite enough. This is the link if you want the full recipe. 

Today the sun has abandoned us but it is still dry if a bit windy.  Actually an ideal day to dry washing and as luck would have it I have a machine full ready for the line.  It is such a treat to dry things on the line in the fresh air instead of dangling it all over the house.  My policy of doing one extra chore per day is working well and I feel better about it in myself which can only be a good thing.  The house rather went to the dogs when I was unwell so there is plenty to catch up on.  I am by no means a clean freak but there is a limit to how much mess I can tolerate. 

My surrogate daughter Elaine had just phoned and is going to pop in for coffee with me.  Despite three children, two horses, a dog and a job she still finds time for me.  I am very grateful she makes the old phrase "if you want a job doing ask a busy woman" very true.  In the past I have bailed her out of several hiccups and I am being repaid ten times over.

The menu for today is completely blank I have no idea what we are going to have which usually means pasta of some variety, my eternal standby.  If push really comes to shove it will be with butter and cheese.  However, now I think about it I may have the ingredients for a macaroni cheese and salad so that will probably fit the bill.  

Well whatever I am going to do I had better make a move and get on with it.  Todays extra chore is to clear one shelf in my wardrobe.  If I tackle it piece meal  I might just get it done.

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