Saturday morning

Good morning all, it is dull and overcast here today and according to the weather forecast it is due to rain tomorrow.  I'm not sure when the gardeners are coming it will be either Monday or Tuesday so let's hope the weather is kind.  

Sandy is popping in this afternoon to collect her cabin bag and deliver me some coffee so I have laid in some danish pastries to have with out tea.  Naughty but nice!!!!  She also wants to have a go with my hoover and see if she likes it.  I must say I have yet to find fault with it and am very happy with it.

I am revving up for my trip to Italy and have started to dream in Italian which is really weird I usually only do that in very hot weather.  I guess my brain is practicing while I sleep.  My sister has made a couple of requests she would like some streaky bacon to make bacon butties with and also some cheddar cheese.  It makes me laugh, I buy pancetta and parmesan.  Funny the things you miss from home!!! I remember as a child after one months holiday in Italy as we approached Calais all we could think of was bacon and eggs. Forget all the lovely Italian food and the food on the journey home through Switzerland and France it was bacon and eggs we craved.  We used to stop at an hotel in Alsace on the final leg of the journey and it was there that I had pineapple in Kirch for dessert - just imagine how much Kirch it takes to float an entire ring of pineapple.  I must have been about 12 and had to be put to bed as I was completely legless drunk after demolishing my dessert.  I think I slept very well that night though I don't remember much about it!!!!!

On today's menu I have some more of the lovely cod from the fishmonger and it was so nice with the mornay sauce that I think I will repeat the performance.  I have a chunk of gruyere in the fridge which the boys have been forbidden to touch or it would have ended up as cheese on toast.  This makes a very easy meal as I do it all in the thermomix.  The fish steams over some broccoli and the sauce is made in the jug - minimal washing up.

Well that is the plan for the day. Have a good one everybody.

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