Saturday Morning

Good morning all, sorry about yesterday but I got distracted then completely forgot.  The distraction was a good one in that Elaine came to have a coffee with me and it was nice to see her I don't seem to have seen a human being for ages.  No disrespect to the boys but there is a limit to my interest in football etc.  Sometimes you need a bit of female company, I have shunned both Sandie and Shiona as they neither of them need a dose of what I have.  However, Elaine is young and strong and I'm sure she is better able to withstand a bug onslaught.  Len has been poleaxed so I have been in contact with Margaret who is of course very worried.  I would love to have been able to give her a hand but again I didn't want to add to the problems.  Fortunately I had given them the lesson on online shopping just in time and today her sister is coming to help her out.

Elaine brought her puppy and you should have seen the games that were had with Dan and Tubby - the best game was "chase me" and the three dogs were careering around the house to the extent that we had to just sit quietly or we would have been knocked over 40 kilos of dog traveling at speed is no joke.  Anyway it was lovely to see them having so much fun.

Lunch yesterday was a blast from the past I made cod mornay and it really was mornay sauce not just white sauce.  What a difference it makes to flavour the milk properly first and then once the gruyere and egg yolks are added it makes a lovely golden top to the dish.  I slightly under cooked the fish so it didn't end up over cooked and it was really nice.  Short cuts are all very well but sometimes the real thing is worth the effort.

I found some interesting information on the net about using the camera on an iphone to get really nice photos - I had not realised that much of what you can do with an SLR you can do with your iphone. did you know that you can take photos just using the headphone volume control, I didn't so now I have a fancy to try some more exotic photography not just the quick snaps I usually take.  

Anyway time is marching on so I had better get going while I still have a sentila of energy.  It is dull here but apparently it is sunny in the west so hopefully it is coming our way.
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