Monday morning

Good morning all well so much for british summer time it is cold and dull here today.  I am still without my car it was due to be done yesterday but no word so I am hoping it will be done today.  I was trapped in the house yesterday which was kind of miserable with Denzil at work and James on night shift so fast asleep all day I was left milling about not knowing what to do with myself.  I had a long chat with my sister it is so nice to be able to chat online with facetime.  I am old enough to remember my mother having to book an international call for christmas day just to speak to her mother for three minutes.  How the world has moved on.  While I was thinking along those lines I thought I would try and find a second cousin.  At least I think that is right he is the son of my grandmother's brother is that right I get confused with cousins?  Anyway, his Dad had a marine engine company which is still in existence so I dropped them a note in the hope that it might stir some memory.  We will have to wait and see.  My sister and I were comparing notes as to our remaining relatives who are scattered world wide.  It is very difficult to trace people in Italy as many of the records were destroyed during WW2 when they were under German occupation.  The least said about that the better.

It is interesting that Trieste, where my mother was from, is in the throws of seeking independence from Italy it is apparently still [technically in law] a free state as it got left out when they drew new lines on the map after the war.  Scotland might not want us but Trieste does they are still grateful for being liberated from the Germans!!!!  funny old world!!!!

Were you expecting a history lesson?

My gardening ladies are due either today or tomorrow but as yet they have not phoned to let me know so I am on sort of standby - I hate uncertainty I like to know what I am doing then I can plan my life around things.  If I fill my washing line with laundry it will be completely in the path of the gardeners and a real pain so I will hold off until I know when they are coming.  Food I prepared yesterday is still sitting in the kitchen so guess what is for lunch!!!  the mackerel which didn't get eaten is now a pate to spread on toast and the sad vegetables have been made into soup to which I added some tiny meatballs made from some sausage meat that was lurking in the fridge.  I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to a week away I think I really need a break.

p.s. Has anyone heard from Chrissie?  she really worries me.

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