Monday morning

Good morning all well the weather here looks bad I think we are in for some rain but I am sure the garden will appreciate it.  I took a few photos from around the garden of things in bloom but you can see just how dull it was.
Clematis armandii

White flowering currant [Ribes]

Magnolia stellata rubra

The armandii right along the fence 

Jack snipe narcissus

The garden doesn't look too bad provided you get the photo angles right but you cant make up for the lack of sun.  Anyway it does make you feel a bit better when things flower in what has been a wilderness all winter.  The couple of days of sunshine made everything burst forth.   Progress in the wardrobe I did a couple of shelves yesterday stripped out, washed and only put back what belonged. All the single sheets have been marked so I shouldnt get in a muddle any more.  I have a lot of single sheets as I have those from my bed and what was Mike's bed so double the quantity that I really need. I think I may well syphon out a few and pack them away out of circulation for the time being.  This is definitely the way to go little and often rather that tackle the whole thing in one go.  I also did my underwear draw.  A friend told me to put nicely scented soap bars amongst the clothing then it always smells nice, good idea!!! 

On the menu today we will be having sweet and sour pork with rice.  I have leftover pork from yesterday so all I need to do is make the sauce for which I have all the ingredients.  The new mandolin arrive late yesterday evening too late to use so I just julienned a load of carrots to test it. It will come into its own this morning when I prepare the sauce.

My gardening ladies are due this afternoon but it looks like that might be a no go as we are forecast lots of rain.  If that is the case I will continue with my wardrobe and get a couple more shelves done.  Perhaps shoes this afternoon, given that I live and die in crocs my shoes just gather dust.  I seem to have a million short and long sleeved polo shirts which could use a tidy up and filter but I cant decide whether to fold or hang them.  Those with stains which have been put aside for the garden will go in the bin.  It is a bit early to put away the heavier stuff as it is still quite chilly from time to time.

What have you got planned for today?
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