Monday morning

Good morning all well the forecast rain never arrived yesterday it was dull but not wet.  I am not sure if the gardening ladies are going to come this morning or tomorrow morning I will just have to wait and see.  90% of what needs doing is cutting back the shrubs which have run riot.  I'm sure the garden will look much better when it is done and it will be less claustrophobic.  The four bay trees are so overgrown you can hardly get between them.  I have a couple of bamboos which also need thinning out.  I suppose it is the price you pay for fertile soil everything goes mad.  The land that our houses were built on was once nothing but cherry orchards so it has not been overworked and given the amount of manure and compost I have added it is in very good condition.  Over the last year I have lost a few plants but only those in pots and that was my fault for not keeping up with the watering. Anything in the ground is flourishing.  If I get the greenhouse tidied up I might grow a few tomatoes this summer.  There is nothing quite like a tomato still warm from the sun.  

I was lazy last night and left the washing up so I have a sink full to do this morning but as Denzil brought home some pizzas that takes care of lunch.  I am a long last feeling a bit more human it makes a change not to be up half the night coughing.  I seem to be sleeping in dribs and drabs but cumulatively it is an adequate amount.

Did any of you watch any of the crufts on TV?  I feel very ambivalent about it. The dog which won the gundog group was an american spaniel.  Lovely looking dog but pretty useless as a gun dog given a coat that drags on the floor.  I can just imagine the state it would be in if it were ever to work. Perhaps there should be a class for fashion accessory dogs.  It also promotes excessive and thoughtless breeding.  Anyway as if it were not bad enough that it won the gundog group it went on to win best in show which makes it worth a small fortune to the breeder.  Sadly the less known breeds hardly ever get a look in.  Which one would you take shooting?

Ok thats my moan about crufts and dog showing in general.  Moving on what is your opinion about tattoos?  Some are very artistic, some are downright ghastly but they are so permanent and I have seen what happens to them when surgery is necessary the skin being elastic never matches up properly after it has been cut.  I vividly remember a chap who had a massive eagle tattooed across his chest.  After the rib graft had been taken to mend his broken leg the eagle had a gammy foot and looked ridiculous.

Well thats the thoughts which are running round in my head this morning now I need to get myself organised in case the garden ladies are coming so I will love you and leave you to your day.  

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