Monday morning

Good morning all well it is near lunch time actually but I have been busy with the gardening ladies as we discussed what to do with the garden.  Hopefully weather permitting they will be coming next week to start by just clearing up the mess and cutting back the overgrown.  While I waited for them to arrive I have prepared both lunch and supper.  Lunch is roast chicken with new potatoes and mixed vegetables and supper is a salmon mousse and caesar salad.  The mousse is in the fridge setting and the dressing and cretins are made for the salad.  So now all I have to do is turn a few knobs and press a few buttons and hey presto meals will appear.  If only that were true!!!!

The ladies were very taken with the dogs so that was good news, the house is a bit of a mess but Denny is due tomorrow so it will get a birthday then.  I am trying not to over do things as instructed by Joy so I work only in the morning and then crash out in the afternoons and watch garbage or do a bit of studying - I am trying to improve my Italian so reading in the language helps.  I am trying to keep my brain alive and not fall into the trap of just keeping things ticking over.  It is good to do something a bit different from just cooking and cleaning.

Well as I am so late I will keep this short - the sun is shining so I am eager to get going but know that I mustn't be stupid and do too much too soon.  Have a good day all hope you too have the sunshine.

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