Friday morning

Good morning all yesterday I spent hours on the computer which I had not intended firstly I wanted to reply to my new relative Franco and to save time I wanted to send him a photo copy of the newspaper article about James accident.  Did I say save time!!!!  I have in excess of 8,000 photos and most of them are not labeled so finding stuff is a real labour of love.  Well there was no way I was going to be thwarted by a box of silicon chips so I persevered and finally found the photo to send. Then James needed to have a photocopy of his passport to email out.  That should be easy enough - don't you believe it.  I have never done it with this printer and try as we might do you think we could work out how to get to do what we wanted? - none of the help menus were any use.  Finally we stumbled on how to do it purely by trial and error.  You actually have to ask it to print first then that menu will allow you to save as we didn't want a hard copy we never thought of that.  Anyway I am pleased to report that the box of chips didn't win.

Today I am picking Elaine up at 9.30 and we are going to have breakfast with Sandy at Macknades where I will also find some really good cheddar to take to Italy.  Sounds a bit like taking coals to Newcastle I am surprised that the Italians have not taken up cheddaring as cheese making process they use every other conceivable method.  

While I am out I also need to get some Euros for spending money then I think I will be all ready to go on Monday.  

It looks like Franco will be in Trieste while Sandy and I are there so we have an invitation to dinner which will be nice as Franco's english is good so Sandy won't be out of the conversations  I don't want her to feel like a ham sandwich at a jewish wedding.

Well time is marching on time to get myself in the shower but first another cup of coffee is required and I am hopeful that wonderful machine has finished its cleaning cycle and is just waiting to make me a lovely mug full.

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