Friday morning

Good morning all, it is dull cold and windy here today.  The boys have just taken my car in for repairs and we are hoping to have it back by Sunday.  As for James appointment they rang and cancelled yesterday so he is still waiting.  It is not that the wheels of justice grind slowly but we are approaching the 10 year mark so we must be getting close!!!! Is it any wonder that I am exasperated with bureaucracy.  

Anyway enough of that it is only a  week or so before I go to Italy so today I am going to check over the clothes that I think I will take and make sure all is washed and clean.  There is nothing worse than going to pack something only to find a big stain in the middle of it. I have booked my nails to be done on wednesday so they at least should look nice.  At the moment they have huge doorsteps in them as I have left them rather longer than I should.  

I have a few purchased to make before I go, my sister would like some streaky bacon and some cheddar cheese and I will take something for her dogs perhaps a couple of rawhide chews.  I have been keeping an eye on the weather over there and they seem to be a few degrees warmer than here so lots of layers will be the order of the day.  It is only a week so I must not pack my entire wardrobe I am notorious for taking too much stuff and then bringing it back unused so I must be really strict with myself and only take what is necessary.  The other thing I must do is empty my handbag and make sure I have nothing dangerous.  I once went with a large swiss army knife which was completely missed by security but they did confiscate a tiny pair of scissors from a christmas cracker sewing kit.

On the menu today I have some turkey breast slices in some sort of sauce courtesy of Tesco cheap department.  The look pretty naff but they need eating or getting rid of.  If they are inedible then I'm sure the dogs will help us out.  

I notice that apple have a big update which I hope will be better than the last one which wiped out a lot of stuff which took me ages to reinstate. Fingers crossed it all goes according to plan.

Have a good day all and lets hope we get some decent weather soon......

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