Friday morning

Good morning all no sun this  morning but it is dry and dull.  The last couple of days of sunshine have brought forward the blossom.  The forsythia is in bloom as is the magnolia and suddenly the garden has gone into colour.  I have a clematis armandii which is in full bloom all along the fence and looks quite spectacular.  It makes such a difference to look out of the windows and see blooming plants rather than dull grey.  

The guinea fowl we had for lunch was delicious it tasted just as chickens used to taste before they bred the flavour out of them.  The dark meat on the legs was really dark and full of flavour I am going to keep my eyes peeled for more guinea fowl I believe Gressingham the duck people are doing them now.  They may be intensively farmed but I don't think they have managed to get them table ready in 6 weeks.  The carcass has been put through the pressure cooker and today I can strain it off and reduce it ready for the freezer if we don't use it for lunch.

I did my daily chore and cleaned the banisters, I also did a couple of other little chores which have been driving me crazy.  The lamp shade in my bedroom desperately needed a clean so that got done and I managed to clean part of the tiling in the bathroom.  Nothing major but nasty little niggly jobs so I went to bed happy last night that I had at least accomplished that which was on my list.

Todays chore is to clean the chimney breast wall in the dining room which has been liberally slobbered.  I think this is the way to go just one job per day that way I don't get overwhelmed it might take me the rest of my life to get all the jobs done but at least I will be pleased rather than disappointed with myself.

I found a nice recipe on the thermomix site for caramelised onion and goats cheese flat breads which sound rather nice so they may be on the menu as I have all the ingredients.  If I get the dough on now it will have time to rise while I prepare the filling.  The onions need to be cold so they will need to be done quickly if they are to have enough time to cool.  

Well that is the plan nothing too much so hopefully I will again be pleased with my accomplishments.  I feel almost back to my usual self with just a bit of a residual cough but given how poorly I was that is no surprise.  It is quite amazing how much energy it takes out of you with constant coughing.  

Well have a nice day all and I hope you are enjoying the spring flowers after what has felt like an interminable winter.
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