Friday morning

Good morning all well nearly lunch time again.  I had a bit of a ropey night and finally fell asleep at around 6 am so the boys just left me to sleep.  Yesterday was such a glorious day it really felt like winter was over - doors and windows open and the house flooded with fresh air.  Today sees the last day of the antibiotics - what a long haul it has been - and I feel pretty washed out but now I need to start rebuilding my immunity.  Fresh air, good food and plenty of sleep the first two are easy and under my control the last is in the lap of the gods.  Fortunately living in a house with adults I can sleep whenever I feel like it which is a good thing. 

I decided to watch a bit of crufts on the TV but the program was so puerile I had to switch it off.  I find dogs dress in frilly frocks a form of animal abuse and there was some idiot with Clare Balding whose voice drove me demented.  Talk about dumbed down!!!  I have been to crufts on a couple of occasions and could not believe the size of the show but the bit that interested me was the dogs.  It is interesting to see all the different breeds and the best bit for me was the discover dogs section where you can look at and talk to breeders of all the different breeds of dogs.  It was an opportunity to see some of the rarer breeds like the russian terrier which is enormous. {picture pinched from google}

Black Russian Terrier

Yesterdays oriental soup went down well and cleared some of my fishy bits from the freezer.  My oxtail is cooked and needs degreasing today and finishing off.  I think it must be my fault that the weather is warming up when I have organised a real winter warmer for lunch!!!! Perhaps I will refreeze it if no one fancies it today and we can have something a bit lighter and fresher.

I really need to go shopping and get some fruit and vegetables - I have stopped my box delivery as we were not making the most of it so I will have to go and buy vegetables as and when necessary.  I believe the weather is due to turn back to more wintry and wet so the oxtail might yet come into its own!!!!  

Well that is the plan for the day such as it is.  Sandy is going to visit tomorrow so it will be nice to see her as I am going a bit stir crazy rattling around the house.  Not long now and I will be off to Italy - I am beginning to get excited!!!! 

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