Wednesday Morning

Good morning all it is cold again here and according to the weather forecast it is going to get colder.  I think we are in for some easterly weather which comes straight from Siberia!!!  The osso bucco is made and is slowly simmering on the stove top so all I have to do is make some mash and greens to go with it.  I do need to get out and do some shopping today and though Shiona is coming she is always up for shopping.  

I had a huge success with the books Elaine took a big pile of gardening books and Denny had the rest the remaining books were a complete set of books I bought years ago through time life and they have gone to a newlywed who is setting up home.  I am thrilled as throwing books away feels like a crime. Anyway I now a bit more space and I still have my major collection of recipe books.  If I could only keep two books it would have to be the complete Delia Smith and the Silver Spoon.  Between them you can cook everything.  

Today sees the last day of antibiotics and I must say I didn't realise just how rotten I was feeling until I got better.  Tubby is still under the weather with a sore paw but he now has some medication from the vet so hopefully that will help him.  It is so unlike him to be slowed down by anything.  However because he is such a bulldozer he is always getting knock and cuts when he ploughs through really rough ground.  

Today I have to make some meat balls for tomorrow's lunch, most of these types of dishes benefit from a 24 hour rest to let the flavours amalgamate - it is like stews they always seem better on the second day.  I also have intentions to make some gravadlax, all I am missing is a piece of salmon so a trip to the fishmonger is in order. Then once in the fridge it will be a couple of days before it is ready to eat.  

Denny successfully ran the new hoover out of battery power which put pay to any more hoovering. What a great idea a self limiting hoovering session.  I must admit I also like the fact that you need to empty it regularly which means it doesn't get that stale smelliness that the bagged hoovers get. Denny is over the moon with it and leaning on all her customers to get with the times!!!!!

Hopefully by the end of today all the paperwork will finally be in the post and we are getting close to the end at last.  I can't believe what a performance it has been and I feel so sorry for people who find themselves dealing with this sort of stuff at a time of great distress and without the kind of backup I have had.  That getting the help is so expensive it is immoral in my opinion.  Be very careful who you designate as executors of your will they will have their handsful.  I shot myself in the foot putting my name down as executor of Mikes will.  

Anyway onward and upward time to peel a load of potatoes and prepare the greens then I am free to shop and get on with the papers.  Have a good day and stay warm if you are on the east side of the country, and dry if you are on the west.
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