Wednesday morning

Good morning all another rotten nights sleep last night and I have no idea why!!!  There is nothing praying on my mind that I know of so I don't understand.  I am just so grateful that I don't have to go to work I can potter about like a wet rag and it really doesnt matter.  The kitchen looks like nothing on earth I don't think there is a square inch to put something down.  Entirely my own fault I left the mess.  I had a busy day cooking yesterday and so I have a drainer full of clean washing up and a sink full of dirty.  If I was expecting the fairies to clear up they have failed miserably so I guess it is down to me to make a bit of order.  

The sun is up but not so as you would notice it is terribly dull outside with very low dark cloud so I think we may be in for some rain.  I really need to get to the shops today and gather a few ingredients for lunch and supper - at the moment we are a dairy free zone no cheese, no cream, no milk which is unusual.  So no macaroni cheese, no  panna cotta, no parsley sauce for the fish.  How do people survive without dairy?  I must say that I drink my coffee black but I do like dairy products as ingredients.  I have a cauliflower which is screaming for a nice cheese sauce.  Because I get my vegetables delivered and not by choice I then have to make my menu around them.  It does force me to eat seasonally which is a good thing.  I have some lovely red peppers which will make a nice chorizo and potato stew if I had the chorizo.  Everything I think of is missing an ingredient or two so there is nothing for it but to hit the shops.  I was hoping to leave it until the end of the week but no such luck.

Anyway before I get stuck into cooking the kitchen needs my attention.  I also have a hidden pile of ironing sadly it is not hidden well enough so I had better get that sorted.  There are days when I look around and want to go back to bed and pull the duvet over my head but I know the mess will still be there when I get up so no point.  Bite the bullet and get on with it!!!! 
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